Tulip Nile Cruise 4 Nights / Luxor-Aswan

Luxor - 5 Days

Tulip Nile Cruise 4 Nights / Luxor-Aswan

Prepare yourself to touch the beauty and the greatness of the ancient Egyptians` wonderland and to build a wonderful memory an amazing Nile River cruise between Luxor and Aswan in a floating hotel experience onboard our Tulip Nile Cruiser. all of this combined with the luxury, warm hospitality and magnificent sightseeing located on a trip of a lifetime.

At our five-star cabins & suites, it feels like home to the Nile River, where six types of accommodation for memorable & glorious experience exist — offering comfortable cabins with French balconies and spacious suites with many amenities. And we promise it will take you more time than you think to decide which one should be chosen between all this luxury.

We will take you to a fairy tale of all day tasty and freshly prepared dishes, a comprehensive selection of snack menus, refreshing beverages, and elegant service. Featuring those all while watching the bright surroundings and the historical seeings of ancient Egypt. Directly from your seat at the main restaurant or while laying back on one of the sundecks at the rooftop bar.


Tour Duration : 5 Days
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