Helicopter City Tour

Dubai - 3 Hours

Helicopter City Tour

A helicopter tour of Dubai is the most adventurous way of viewing the varied landscapes of this beautiful emirate. Discover Dubai and its contrasts, which depict the bounteousness of nature and the creative brilliance of man.

On one hand, you can see the city’s towering skyline illuminated by radiant sunrays and caressed by the pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf. And on the other, is the stolid, all-encompassing desert – together these sights create magic and captivate tourists on Dubai tour.​

Tour Duration : 3 Hours

*Tours duration ( 12, 17 , 22 and 40 minutes )

*Maximum 05 passengers per flight Passenger must carry their passport for check in .

*No luggage are permitted ( except charter flight ).

* Unparalleled photos opportunity , but for security reasons there are restrictions on the photography , high resolution camcorders , or cameras with telephoto lens greater than 400mm is not permitted

*Need to booked 48 hours in advance,subject to availability and weather condition. 

No meals or beverage. 
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