Flying CUP

Dubai - 1 Hour

Flying CUP


Grab a drink, enjoy the spectacular views, and don’t forget the selfie!•

  • Flying Cup can accommodate up to 1,000 passengers daily
  • Flying Cup provides a 15 minute  flight at the height of a 12 story building with 360°panoramic views.
  • Thanks to its rotating platform, all passengers are able to enjoy all angles and capture ‘selfies’ with their own preferred backgrounds.
  • A safe, silent and smooth elevation system allows passengers to relax in comfort from secured individual seats
  • Extended opening hours mean the elegant tower is illuminated by nightfall and can be visible from afar

Flying Cup Story 

Flying Cup was launched in France in 2013 and has since been a success with visitors of Futuroscope, the 2nd largest amusement park in France. On sunny days, more than 7% of park visitors stop by for a coffee in the air, making it one of the park’s most popular attractions. Flying Cup has become a destination within a destination and has often been showcased as a flagship attraction in Futuroscope’s marketing campaigns.Flying Cup is launching its international expansion with Dubai as its first port of call. With its futuristic skyline and successful positioning as a global touristic destination attracting visitors from all corners of the world, Dubai is the perfect location to start Flying Cup’s international journey as we aim to become a truly global entertainment brand.​

Flying Cup Suitable  for : 

OUR OFFERING FITS EVERY CUSTOMERS’ NEEDSEach time of the day brings a different flavor to your Flying Cup experience

• Families

• Group of children, schools

• A day out with friends

• Engagement declaration 

• Private events 

• Simply enjoying a refreshment at our terrace​


Tour Duration : 1 Hours
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