Updating the requirements to enter Egypt, starting from 23 March 2022

Updating the requirements to enter Egypt, starting from 23 March 2022

With reference to the current international epidemiological situation of the Coronavirus COVID-19 and in light of the high rates of vaccination against the Coronavirus, and the start of the trial operation of the electronic platform Visit Egypt with the aim of facilitating and facilitating entry procedures for those coming from abroad to prevent congestion in Egyptian airports.

Kindly inform and direct what is necessary towards updating the preventive measures established for those coming to Egyptian lands related to the Coronavirus COVID-19 in terms of:

- It is sufficient to randomly review entry requirements from health documents to vaccination certificates or approved tests to detect the Coronavirus, with a representative percentage determined according to the total number of arrivals (passengers for each from 20 to 30).

- Airlines shall encourage those who do so to register on the electronic platform in order to facilitate the procedures. In case of passengers without registration on the electronic platform, airlines shall be obliged to provide them with health declarations and confirm that they are satisfied before boarding the plane or on the plane during the flight and that the cabin crew will deliver them to the health quarantine at the airport of arrival with general acknowledgment of the aircraft

- Canceling the Antigen test for pilgrims coming from Saudi Arabia.
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