Ministry of Tourism new regulations.

Ministry of Tourism new regulations.

Controls for operating tourist transportation means (bus, limousine, cars and Electric golf cars):

  • Adherence to the established controls for the operating rates (50% as a maximum of the capacity), while leaving a vacant seat Next to every passenger in the bus and electric cars, and to adhere to a maximum of 2 passengers in the limousine.
  • Passengers are not allowed to sit in front seats in limousines and electric cars.
  • Provide hand sanitizers and sterilizers, and conduct continuous cleaning and sterilization and good ventilation before and after each trip.
  • Passengers and drivers must wear the muzzle at all times during the trip

Tour groups in museums and archaeological sites:

  • All museums and archaeological sites (open for visits) will be opened to receive tourists and Egyptians as of September 1, 2020. 
  • Disinfect common surfaces and floors in museums and visitor centers at archaeological sites daily before opening them for visits. 
  • Commitment not to exceed the number of the tourist group 25 persons while visiting museums and archaeological sites. 
  • The tour guide should wear a mask while explaining in museums and archaeological sites, with his commitment to using The headphones are inside museums, and the headphones are sterilized after each use
  • Tourism companies provide masks for tourists and accompanying tourists and drivers. 
  • Daily temperature measurement of workers (and visitors before visiting in museums and closed places).
  • Maintaining safe distances between people

Putting a limit on the number of visitors who are simultaneously inside museums and archaeological sites As follows: 

  1. 100 visitors / hour inside the museum (excluding the Tahrir Museum: 200 visitors). 
  2. 10 -15 - A visitor to visit any ancient cemetery or pyramid from the inside (according to the area).​


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