Ministry of Tourism New Regulations

Ministry of Tourism New Regulations

Operation startup:

▪ May 15, 2020: The first stage (experimental operation) with a maximum of 25% of the total hotel capacity(including day-use).

▪ June 1, 2020: Operating at a maximum of 50% of the hotel capacity.

Operating requirements:

▪ Hotels, wishing to operate, must apply for an audit; in accordance with the health and safety guidelines circulated by the Egyptian Hotel Association. When the hotel passes the process of review and inspection, it is granted a health and safety certificate that is renewed every year.

▪ Creating a brand for health and safety certification.

▪ The review and inspection process is conducted within 10 days from the date of submitting the application.

▪ Each hotel is required to have an onsite clinic and doctor working in continuous coordination with the Ministry of Health and Population.

▪ Ensuring the quality of personal protective equipment and sterilization materials used (dealing only with companies approved by the Ministry of Health and Population).

▪ Forming a committee: between the Egyptian Hotels Chamber and the infection control sector in the Ministry of Health & Population to inspect those establishments to ensure their compliance with the regulations and their preparedness to re-operate.

▪ Coordination with the Occupational Health and Safety department in the Ministry of Environment regarding the water tanks.

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