German tourism will return strongly to Egyptian resorts next September

German tourism will return strongly to Egyptian resorts next September

Dr. Atef Abdel Latif, head of the Travelers Association for Tourism and Travel, a member of the Tourism Investors Association in Marsa Alam and South Sinai, said that German tourism is returning strongly to the Egyptian market starting from next September.

In his statements today, Abdel Latif added that, according to the announced reservations, Hurghada is on a date with the beginning of receiving the German tourist, followed by Marsa Alam and South Sinai, and this is after German tour operators and the German government made sure of the readiness of the Egyptian airports and tourist resorts to receive the German tourist through delegations that visited Egypt and were assured of the readiness of the Egyptian airports and tourist resorts. The situation in general.

He explained that German tourism is usual for them to book early for travel, but in light of the Corona atmosphere, this situation has changed, and Germans are booking travel and deciding tourism at the last moments, so that 40% of German tourism is currently booked at the last moments and decides to travel.

Abdel-Latif noted that the Egyptian government took a decision that helped a lot in attracting German tourism to Egypt, which is to allow those who received the Corona vaccine to enter Egypt without any quarantine, which reassured the Germans and encouraged them to visit Egypt.

He stressed that German tourism is the locomotive of European tourism to Egypt. With the influx of German tourism, all European countries will follow suit to visit Egypt.

He added that the German tourist is distinguished by his high spending compared to other nationalities, as he is distinguished by the diversity in tourism activities, such as diving and beach tourism, religious, cultural, environmental and hospital tourism, and he loves everything that is new. It is possible to prepare an Egyptian marketing campaign targeting the German market for marketing various tourism activities in Egypt.

He pointed out that the measures taken by the Egyptian government and the directives of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to support the tourism sector in several ways, including the initiatives of the Central Bank to support tourism, postpone government dues to the sector, and activate domestic tourism, if they were fully activated, would have played a major role in supporting the sector, but the challenges faced activating These initiatives are among the conditions for their implementation and the complexities of some banks have affected the strength of these initiatives.

Abdul Latif also appealed to grant more facilities and facilities to initiatives to support tourism, especially the initiatives of the Central Bank, so that these initiatives achieve their desired goals, as well as support and support the state in its government entitlements to tourism, such as electricity, water, and insurances, by extending the collection period for a new period so that the tourism sector can fully recover.

Abdel Latif expected that in light of the current data, tourism, its revenues and occupancy rates will exceed the peak year that was in 2010 through 2022.
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