Archaeological site of Atribis

Archaeological site of Atribis

The archaeological site of Atribis ... This archaeological city dates to the Greco-Roman period, located in Nag' El-Sheikh Hamad, about 7 km west of Sohag.

The site contains many temples, tombs, quarries, churches, monasteries, and workshops. These are accompanied by several residential neighborhoods.

Since 2003, a joint Egyptian-German archaeological mission has been working on the site.

It completed the excavation of the Temple of Atribis, which was built by King Ptolemy XII. In addition, more than 13,000 ostraca with religious, accounting, and educational matters in several forms of writing, including Hieratic, Demotic, Greek, Coptic, and Arabic were discovered.

This is one of the largest discoveries of written ostraca from the ancient Egyptian civilization, along with the site of Deir El-Medina

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